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Residential foundation inspection services in Austin, TX.

The Benefits of an Elevation Survey in Austin, TX

Nevins Engineering, PLLC understands the time and resources you put into your home or place of business. That is why we are committed to helping our clients to reinforce the strength and safety of their properties. We offer services like an elevation survey in Austin, TX. With our assistance, you have the tools to make smart decisions related to your next project.

Construction companies do their best to follow best practices when putting up new buildings and structures. Despite adherence to stringent standards and the use of quality materials, however, the ground that a property sits upon is prone to shifting. As a consequence, the structural integrity of your property will always be in question. In these instances, it is never an issue of if foundation damage will occur, but when.

Therefore, you need to conduct foundation evaluations every so often. The results of these reports will allow you and your construction contractor to determine if you need to address any issues in the future. Resolving foundation issues as quickly as possible will save you much time, energy, and resources.

Structural framing assessment in Austin, TX.

The Importance of Foundation and Structural Integrity Inspections

Preparedness prevents costly problems. Foundation inspection services and structural framing evaluations are useful. When conducted by licensed, trained, and certified engineers, these reports allow you to make timely and informed decisions. As a result, your property remains sturdy and safe.

Foundation Inspections

The entirety of your building rests on a foundation. Over time, the soil that forms the foundation may shift. A damaged foundation can set your property up for costly damage. For instance, repairs can resource-intensive. By keeping track of changes as they happen, you are better prepared to determine when it is time to intervene and invest in repairs.

Foundation elevation surveys can determine if significant shifting has occurred over time. We recommend getting an inspection every few years so that you may gain a reference to how much your foundation may have shifted from one period to the next. Also, insurance companies might require this kind of data when evaluating any claims of foundation damage.

Structural Assessments

The frame is the skeleton of your building. While many building frames are designed to last, it is important to remember that even the sturdiest of structures can weaken and degrade over time—especially if the frame is crafted from wood.

A structural framing inspection determines your building’s structural soundness. A qualified engineer will examine your building’s frame and test for wear, damage, or faults with the design. These reports protect your investment. On top of that, they can influence your plans for remodeling, renovations, or putting your property on the market.

By hiring a qualified structural engineering firm, you take the proper steps towards protecting your property. Our engineers are ready to help you gain confidence and peace of mind with your investment. Arrange a consultation for an inspection and put your concerns to rest.

Contact us to learn more about assessments for the foundation and structural framing. We are based in Austin, TX, and serve the greater Houston, San Antonio, and Austin metropolitan areas.