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Residential foundation inspection services in Austin, TX.

The Benefits of Foundation and Structural Assessment Services in Austin, TX

Buildings are an investment. At Nevins Engineering, PLLC, we understand the time, effort, and resources you put into your home or place of business. We are committed to helping our clients reinforce the strength, integrity, and safety of their properties. With our selection of structural assessment services in Austin, TX, you have the tools you need to make smart decisions related to your next construction, renovation, or remodeling project.

All too often, we take the ground beneath us for granted. During construction, your building may have utilized the latest in construction methods and materials to create a sturdy structure. While many homes and office structures incorporate structural engineering designs that are meant to last, a simple fact of the matter is that the ground which supports them is always changing. As a consequence, there may come a day that the foundation of your property may shift, which creates a chain reaction of problems—cracked floors and walls, broken doors, and compromised roofing—just to name a few scenarios.

Structural framing assessment in Austin, TX.

The Importance of Foundation and Structural Integrity Inspections

To prevent costly problems from arising, it pays to be prepared. That’s where foundation inspection services and structural framing assessments come in handy. These services are facilitated by trained, certified, and experienced engineers. The findings from these reports can help you make timely and informed decisions that ensure your property remains sturdy and safe. Let’s talk about the advantages of each type of inspection below.

Foundation Inspections

The foundation is the portion of your property on which the entirety of your building rests. Over time, the soil that forms the foundation may shift, which can cause the rest of the structure to move as well. If left unchecked, foundation changes can cause property damage. Foundation repairs can be costly and time-consuming, so it helps to have a reference to keep track of changes, so that you may find a solution at the right time.

Foundation inspection services can determine if your property has undergone significant shifting over time—and whether a repair is necessary. Structural engineers recommend getting an inspection every few years so that you may gain a reference to how much your foundation may have shifted over time. Insurance companies and warranty servicers may require such data to determine if their policies will cover foundation damage, so it helps to have this date in your records.

Structural Assessments

The frame serves as the skeleton of your home or place of business. Without it, the rest of your property is prone to damage and collapse. While many building frames are designed with longevity and strength in mind, it is important to note that even the sturdiest of structures can weaken and degrade over time—especially if the frame is crafted from wood.

A structural framing assessment is an inspection that determines whether your building remains structurally sound. A qualified engineer will examine your building’s frame and test for wear, damage, or faults with the design. These types of reports protect your investment, and can also assist in informing any potential plans for remodeling, renovations, or putting your property on the real estate market.

By working with a qualified structural engineering firm, you take the proper steps towards protecting your property. Our engineers are ready to help you gain confidence and peace of mind with your investment. Arrange a consultation for an inspection and put your concerns to rest.

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