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If you think your home is tilting call us for a foundation evaluation in Austin, TX.

Expertise with Foundation Evaluations in Austin, TX

The value of a building’s foundation cannot be overstated concerning the solidity of the structure itself. By its nature, the entire property is supported on the base, whether it is concrete or another material. If there is an issue with it, then ideally, it can be discovered before it morphs into a challenging and expensive-to-repair problem. Foundation inspections are the key to tracing conditions and identifying them quickly and easily.

The entirety of your home or business building rests upon its foundation. And that is a heavy responsibility. To ensure this crucial part of the building is solid, count on Nevis Engineering, PLLC, for foundation evaluations in Austin, TX.

Blair Nevins serves as president of our company. He is a structural engineering consultant with the education and experience to lead a team of engineers to inspect and evaluate foundations for our clients. Contact us to schedule an evaluation.

We understand that if you have concerns with your building, you would like to have a foundation inspection without delay. That is why our team is ready to deliver our services on your behalf as soon as possible. The quicker a problem can be identified, then the sooner it can be resolved.

Level B Report for the Answers You Need

An inspection is essential to discover what is wrong so repairs can be made. There are obvious signs to search for that include:

  • Cracks in the Slab
  • Cracks in the Walls
  • Floors that Slope
  • Doors & Windows That Don’t Quite Close

Not only is it important to have a foundation inspection for your home or business, but it is also crucial to get results in a manner that is easy to understand by the property owner. Suppose work is required, it is vital that the person who has to pay for the repairs has an accurate idea of what has to be done. That is the value of an inspection with carefully prepared, concise results. When you have facts, figures, and details in hand, it is much easier to give the go-ahead for work.

Look to our engineers to use a structural evaluation process from the Texas Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers. This detailed inspection starts with observations and a drainage investigation, continues with a relative elevation survey, and ends with remedial recommendations, conclusions, and a sealed P.E. report.

We use this report for pier-and-beam and slab-on-grade foundations. It gives you the necessary information to make sound decisions about repairs.

Tools for foundation inspection services in Austin, TX.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I hire an independent professional engineer?
A. A licensed real estate inspector can determine if a foundation or structural member is inadequate, but they cannot formally (or legally) inform you as to why it is inadequate or what remedial measures are required. He or she will often recommend that the structure is evaluated by a P.E. (professional engineer). A P.E. will be able to determine the reason why the structural member is noncompliant and, if necessary, what remedial repair options are available. Only a P.E. can legally inform you of the structural condition and integrity of a building. By hiring a P.E., you will not have to pay twice. A further benefit is that the opinion in the report is independent, as Nevins Engineering does not have an interest in prescribing an expensive repair.

Q. Should I be worried about hairline cracks in my foundation slab?
A. A concrete foundation performing its intended function satisfactorily can have hairline cracks. If the cracks become large and there is separation, that would be cause for concern.

Q. What type of remedial repairs do you recommend?
A. It depends. It could range from just simple cosmetic repairs (caulk and paint) to drainage and landscaping improvements to foundation underpinning repairs.

Q. When should I call a foundation repair company?
A. You should contact a foundation repair company after it has been determined by an independent professional engineer that remedial repairs are required.

Q. How long does an inspection last?
A. It depends on the size and complexity of the job, but a typical residential inspection will last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

Q. What is your fee?
A. Our fee is dependent on the size of the foundation and the issues afflicting it. Generally, our fee schedule begins at $350 for a typical residential foundation with a 1500 sq. ft. footprint.

Q. Do you inspect new construction?
A. Yes. We provide foundation pre-pour observations if engineered drawings are available.

Q. Do you design new foundations?
A. Yes. We can provide design services for residential foundations.

Q. What information is required before design?
A. The design process requires architect’s drawings, building footprints, and a geotechnical report to inform us of the strength of the soil. This allows us to ensure that the foundation won't crack. Additionally, we need to know how many stories the building will be, what type of material is to be used, what support material will be used between floors, and the type of roofing.