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Structural Engineering Firm

The Trusted Structural Engineering Firm in Austin, TX

When you are working on a residential or commercial construction project, and you want to ensure your building is structurally sound, trust Nevins Engineering, PLLC, to provide the services you require. As a structural engineering firm in Austin, TX, we provide a number of engineering services to evaluate the structural integrity of your building’s foundation and frame. 
Since 2011, we have served clients throughout the area, providing them with the engineering solutions they need for their projects. We can efficiently assess the condition of your frame or foundation and determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed. We can also offer some solutions on how to deal with these problems to ensure your building is structurally sound. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a structural inspection with our experienced team. 

Putting Our Clients First 

When performing frame and foundation inspections, our engineers will consistently deliver effective and accurate results. This way, you can trust that the assessment we provide is precise, and you will know whether or not your building will be structurally stable. So, whether you need to inspect the foundation for a business or check the frame of your new home construction project, trust our firm to provide the solutions you need.  

Invest in Your Future with a Licensed Structural Engineer

Investing in real estate has long been considered one of the wisest moves to secure your financial future. Although there are market fluctuations, the reliability of real estate makes it a sound undertaking. However, protecting your money should also include ensuring the property will not cost more to repair than it’s worth. Allow our licensed structural engineers to help determine whether the building and property can deliver the return you expect.

Although new construction should pass quality control, there are instances where it does not. We’re happy to assess and provide a report for any new build so you can feel confident in its future and your investment. You want your structure to last, and we can help make sure that happens.

Whether you’re an investor who intends to flip real estate for a profit or have long-term goals for your property, a licensed structural engineer can help you make sound decisions. Before signing on the dotted line, give us a call to schedule an inspection and feel confident about your purchase.

There is no better way to secure peace of mind than trusting an experienced professional with your foundation and structural inspection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I hire an independent professional engineer?
A. A licensed real estate inspector can determine if a foundation or structural member is inadequate, but they cannot formally (or legally) inform you as to why it is inadequate or what remedial measures are required. He or she will often recommend that the structure is evaluated by a P.E. (professional engineer). A P.E. will be able to determine the reason why the structural member is noncompliant and, if necessary, what remedial repair options are available. Only a P.E. can legally inform you of the structural condition and integrity of a building. By hiring a P.E., you will not have to pay twice. A further benefit is that the opinion in the report is independent as Nevins Engineering does not have an interest in prescribing an expensive repair.

Q. When should I call a framing repair company?
A. You should contact a framing repair company after it has been determined by an independent professional engineer that remedial repairs are required.

Q. How long does an inspection last?
A. It depends on the size and complexity of the job, but a typical residential inspection will last approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

Q. What is your fee?
A. Our fee is dependent on the size of the structure and the issues afflicting it. Generally, our fee schedule begins at $350 for a typical residential structure two-story home enclosing approximately 2400 sq. ft.

Q. Do you inspect new construction?
A. Yes. We provide structural framing observations if engineered drawings are available.

Q. Do you offer structural framing design?
A. Yes. We can provide framing design services for residential remodels or new construction.

Q. What information is required before design?
A. The design process requires architect drawings, building footprints, and a geotechnical report to inform us of the strength of the soil. This allows us to ensure that the foundation won't crack. Additionally, we need to know how many stories the building will be, what type of material are to be used, what support material will be used between floors, and the type of roofing.